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Web Clipper shortcut conflicts with Gmail native shortcut



When at gmail.com and I hit ` (backtick) 

Then the webclipper opens (but I'd expect gmail to change priority tabs - the default gmail shortcut)

I don't think I've modified the web clipper shortcut...

This has been happening since webclipper advertised itself as available in gmail (just today, i think)

Cheers, Tim

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Hi.  I've been using Clipper in Gmail for some years,  so it's not a new thing.  I did switch off the hotkey though.  On a UK keyboard the standard 'clip' key is an apostrophe (like I just used) so typing on web pages got really confusing.  Toggle the shortcuts on and off in Options - click the Clipper icon and look at the bottom of that pop-down window.

I'm confused though when you say you expect Gmail to change tabs.  When I clip,  I want the page I'm looking at,  not the default page of the site.

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thanks for your reply gazumped!

the gmail shortcut in question is:

` Go to next inbox section If you use an inbox style with tabs or sections, you can quickly navigate to the next section.


The 'tabs' I mentioned are (configurable like) 'Personal, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums', and the defaults for clipper (in my region: AU, at least) seem to be ` backtick to 'Start Web Clipper'... I've confirmed this by clicking 'Reset Defaults'.

Just thought I'd mention since this is the result of a change associated with a new feature advertised by the popup as for gmail, and it conflicts with a gmail shortcut... I'll find another trigger for Evernote :)

Regards, Tim



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