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(Archived) Pasting text from notes made in Win/iPhone loses line break



This is a line break related bug that was posted in the Evernote Japanese forum.

The line break disappears and all text is pasted as one line, if the note was originally made in Windows/iPhone client.


Reproducing the bug:

1. Make a note with multiple lines in Windows/iPhone client

2. Sync the note on an Mac OS X client

3. Copy the text and paste it into any Mac OS X application such as Mail or Pages, and the line break is gone

I checked this on Windows client 3.5.3 1947 (79047), iPhone client 3.3.1, Mac OS X client 1.8.0

Checked for both Japanese text and English text.

Anybody else seeing this?

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The release notes say this was fixed in 1.8.1, but it's still broken... only the first newline gets pasted, if there are consecutive newlines it fails. So something like this:

My Intro

Blah Blah


is condensed to:

My Intro

Blah Blah


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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