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Feature Request: Need ability to select or delete snippet image



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First off, apologies because I know this has been discussed before and it may well already be a new item topic.  I couldn't find an existing thread but if someone else does, please feel free to move this.

That said, I would like to share a real example of why EN's default algorithm for selecting a snippet image needs the ability to be user selectable.  The algorithm is fine as default, but many times the image selected is not helpful at all and if we are not provided the means to select our own snippet image, we should at least be given the means to delete the image used.

I was viewing the forums earlier on my iPhone and a post mentioned a blog about genealogy.  I went to it and it looked interesting so I saved it to EN for future reading.  Later I was looking at the notes on my iPhone and noticed this note and the image displayed was someone's face.  I figured it was the author and went to the note to read the article.  After finishing it occurred to me that I didn't see the imagine in the article ... hmmm.  I checked the note again and when I clipped the article it copied all of the reader comments.  Which is ok but it turns out this is an image of one of the readers.  I'm sure she would be thrilled to know that her image is gracing snippet view on my and others accounts.  Her image will be top dog at least until another reader posts with an image that is instead selected by the algorithm.

I would rather have no image displayed in snippet mode instead of an image that has no good relationship to the note.  If you won't allow a user selectable image, please allow us the ability to delete the default one.


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I use a lot of screenshots, logos or graphics in my notes and I would LOVE to have the option to choose my snippet image for sure! I had posted to the other discussion but I wanted to reiterate how badly I want it here as well. :)

More customization overall will be great addition to Evernote but this snippet preview is a must for me!

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C'mon Evernote, let's get this done. You have a clear enough indication that your users -- you know,  those annoying people who make your company profitable -- need this simple, basic feature. To be unresponsive to this for over a year is a pretty poor show...

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