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iOS search button in evernote Today's widget



Hi everyone, 

I've been using evernote for quite some time, and I have hundreds of notes that I need to search through them all the time. My primary device is iPad and I always wanted a quick search button that allows me to quickly search my notes with fast results(just like the spotlight search in the iOS). The issue with the search button embedded in the Today's widget is it doesn't perform as well as it should, especially if there are some notes open in the app. When you hit the search button, it will launch the app, but it won't lead you to the search box so you can perform your search quickly. sometimes the search button just launch the app, and you have to navigate through the app to go to the main search box, which is kinda time consuming especially if you want to do a quick search and get the results. The spotlight search does not perform a thorough search Unfortunately (note contents) and it only recognize the name of the note you created in evernote, you can't simply search the spotlight for note-content and get some results. I hope the search can be fixed to be quick and reliable, esp searching the note contents and not jut the note name is Spotlight. 


Thanks a lot 

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