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Evernote with outlook (no add-ons)

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I'm kind of in an interesting place. I'm a some what young guy working an admin type job and have been horribly disorganized for a long time.

Recently I ran across GTD in a book I was reading that referenced the book Getting Things Done.... I've read the book so far about half way but something that keeps side tracking me is how exactly am I going to implement any type of system that is function within my "corporate" IT environment.

Lets say I work for a large corporation that only allows Outlook (no add-ons, no self installed programs, nothing) I can't install EN (I can use the web version though) but more importantly, I can't get anything into EN from my email.

So I feel like I'd waste more time manually typing notes to enter into EN because I can't move the email over (emailing to EN isn't an option either)

Contrast this with, if I were to use Outlook for my GTD setup. I'd be stuck with a system that only works at my desk. (My email can be accessed from any computer in any office and I do work out of other offices and using other computers, but I also work away from my desk quite a bit) Our company doesn't allow access to anything outside of their control (no phone, tablet, ect)


So it appears that I'm in the middle of a rock and a hard place: With outlook the emails can obviously be in my new "system" but not mobile like me. With EN I have to manually recreate a bunch of stuff and my system would be more like notes to go back to an email in my inbox, but I can access it everywhere.


I'm leaning more into EN because I love EN and use it for other items now and I own a side business so I'd like everything in one place but I don't know how to handle my "disconnected" employer. Any thoughts?



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