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Formatting auto-correct "markdown" help


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I've discovered that when I use certain combinations of characters I get some automatic formatting. I want to use more of these and I haven't been able to find anywhere these are documented. Where can I find a list of supported shortcuts? 

Examples I know of:

'----' and '====' become a horizontal line

'[]' becomes a checkbox

'* ' becomes a bullet list

'1. ' becomes a numbered list

I'd really like to have similar autocorrect for headings, code blocks, quotations, bold, and pretty much anything I can do with markdown. :) 

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Code block exists on the Mac client, but doesn't seem to exist yet on Windows. I'd assume it's coming since Mac has it :) Some of the formatting you've requested didn't go over so hot in beta feedback and was actually removed, so I'm not sure Evernote's plans on implementing them. Personally, I'd love a choice between Markdown editing and WYSIWYG editing. 

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