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Moving large number of notes between notebooks

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I have observed that if you move a large number of notes from one notebook to another this can take up to several days for the sync to finish. Last evening I moved 2900 notes this way, and now 14 hours later only about 40% have been synced (which I can see by logging in to the website and comparing to my Windows client).

Assuming that the move of notebook is just  changing a flag, I simply do not understand why this cripples Evernote so much. Anything to do now other than deleting the account on the windows machine and then re-sync?

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1 hour ago, mlu said:

I simply do not understand why this cripples Evernote so much.

I have seen similar questions in this forum, but Evernote prefers to keep their secret formulas close to the vest. So the users end up testing different methods.

I have run into this lengthy sync delay. Unfortunately, the usual response is to uninstall Evernote / reinstall Evernote / Sync / and wait. But if you are in the middle of a huge note transfer, you will ***** up the entire database. Been there, done that. If the percentage is still increasing (40% and growing), your best option is to sit it out. 

My solution with Evernote Windows is to never move more than 100 notes at a time and then force a sync (F9). I never use Drag and Drop. I only use the Move to Notebook option.


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