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(Archived) Notes Gone from Web and Desktop...Still on iPhone HELP!



Yesterday, I lost 575 crucial notes from my desktop client when they just literally disappeared in a hiccup. Nothing in trash, whole notebook just gone. They were still on the Web, and the support response was to transfer all of the notes into a "different" notebook, which I did, only to realize later that I should have transferred them into a "new" notebook before synching them. So now they are gone from the Web server as well. The only place I have them now is on my iPhone.

Please, please, please...someone have an answer as to how I can restore these notes from my phone. I'm begging.



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I suppose it would be silly of me to ask if you have a backup of your database.

Short of that, I would suggest you backup your iPhone (via iTunes). Then you could try sync'ing your iPhone with Evernote. I don't know what you did, but I'm guessing the notes would be deleted from the iPhone, too. But if that happened, you could restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup & go from there. I guess you'd have to maneuver the notes on your iPhone, which would be a PITA (at least if you have a 1st or 2nd gen iPhone.) But I guess it's better than losing them.

Would also recommend regular backups for the future.

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I recently had a similar incident. I had extensive documentation in a single note that I typed into the Windows version of Evernote, and made sure was synced. When I checked for the note a few hours later, it had disappeared. I checked the trash, did searches and it was just gone. Finally, I logged into the browser version of Evernote and found the note there and managed to copy and paste the information into a new note. I was very lucky, but I am concerned because I do not understand why the note disappeared.

I do take backups on occasion, but this affected a brand new note that just happened to have a lot of information in it.

One thing that may have something to do with it is that I recent upgraded to premium, set all folders to be offline and initiated a sync from the iPhone. Maybe it got lost in the sync somehow. There was also an update to Evernote today, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I guess I will just have to remember to perform a complete back up of all notes before attempting any major operation with Evernote.

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