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I been using Evernote for quite some time. I enjoy all the great features it offers, i always use Evernote to write lab reports, take notes (of course) during class, and write essays just to name a few. However their is one feature missing which is in the math community. Able to input math equations such as Fractions, Radical, Integrals, Operators, Functions (sin over cos, sec. tan, inverse sin...) and Matrix. I would love to use this especially in physics when i have to write a lab report and need to enter formulas used. This will be the best upgrade for the math community: Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics. Hopefully this is at least consider and release in the near future. 

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13 hours ago, Emmanuel90 said:

I  always use Evernote to write lab reports, take notes (of course) during class, and write essays just to name a few.

Are you sure Evernote is the best tool for this?
I use the editor for basic notes, but I find it too basic for more serious writing and I switch to a dedicated app.
I prefer Notability on my iPad 

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I have used MathType for years.  It works great in Word 2011.  Note that every time MS updates Word, I have to reinstall it.  MathType does not work yet in Word 2016 (Mac).  I prefer MathType to MS's Equation Editor.  

I just discovered MathType could be used with Evernote.:  http://www.dessci.com/en/products/MathType/works_with.asp#!target=evernote.  
I just tested it.  I could drag and drop into Evernote.   I could also copy/paste from MathType to Evernote.   I was unable to go the other direction.  I could not find a vertical alignment option in Evernote so you will want the equation to be on its own line.  I will be in touch with Design Science on both issues.

I teach technology math at a University.  I am working with my students to learn to use Evernote to organize their time.  My students have so much work to do, they drastically need it.

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