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Share to Evernote problem

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I've noted lately that when I'm on a web site and click "Add to Evernote", Evernote responds saying "Saving full article".

I then click on the elephant, select the notebook I want to save to, unmark "Clip full article" and click on the elephant again.

The resultant note has the right title but only a jpg attachment (with a image of the web page) instead of a title and an http link.

How to save just the title and a link to the web page as I did before?


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I have used EN since 2013 albeit intermittently. I recently looked for notes I created last year and all but a few things from 2013 are gone! I logged on to EN web to find missing notes but they aren't there either! What became of them. I'm logged in on an android device and PC but neither have my notes. Please help!

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Hi @Matt W.

It's not URL-specific. Any page I try to clip to Evernote exhibits the same problem: the page's title is saved as the note's title and a jpg file appears in the note's body, but not the link.

The jpg file, if opened, shows a screen capture of the page.

This means that I can't really access the page later through the note, thus making it useless.

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