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type letters to scroll list



say you have 50 Enotes.  There's the Cmd+ shortcuts.  But run out after 9, then typing the 1st few letters of an Enote could scroll to that note.

IE:  I have one titled LG G4.  Typing either LG or G4 should get be to that one with the app opened and no other note in edit.  Much like the way Finder works when opening docs.

4 with ProTools in their titles, but different 2nd words in the title.  So Pro would get me to the 1st, but notes would get me to the 2nd.

However, I have 3 or 4 with notes in the title.  There if Cmd-G were enabled from the Mac OS, one could scroll to the next 1 with notes in the title.

Of course, this all depends if this doesn't already exist and I have somehow missed it ........

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