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Help - note truncated / half lost

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I rely heavily on evernote, I use a free account. Today in Chrome on my PC, a note I was editing suddenly truncated about halfway through the note.

It's long, but no images so not heavy. The formatting did not look out of the ordinary, the second half of the note simply disappeared.  User feedback on these fora indicates that the free evernote account does not store previous versions of a note so it could not be restored. 

Before I panicked, I remembered that my iPad was not online, so I was able to recover the note there through the app, copying it into a new note and then connecting to the Internet to upload. But I'm now afraid to open or edit the full note on the computer as I'm worried it will be truncated and lost. 

I haven't seen a solution to this anywhere -- does anyone have words of wisdom? This is a total deal breaker for using evernote which would be deeply disappointing. 

Please share any insights! 

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Hi.  I've found from time to time that text can disappear when editing a web page - it's happened occasionally on this forum.  It's usually because I twitched wrongly and highlighted a paragraph and then hit space which removed it completely.  Ctrl-Z or Undo can be your friend at times like that.  I also tend to edit/ create longer posts in a word processor and copy/ paste the finished version into the page.

Evernote free doesn't have access to note history,  but it is being recorded as in the paid-for versions - a couple of times per day.  It's not a way to recover a lost recent edit,  but you could get an existing note back if part has been lost.  Even if you upgrade only briefly,  it may be worthwhile to do so,  depending on the value of the content.  Of course the goalposts have moved a bit with Evernote's new costings...

To save whatever remains of the note on your devices,  have a look at the note via Evernote Web at Evernote.com.  If you have the full note there,  copy and paste the content into a new note to preserve it.  Disconnect your computer from the internet and look at the note on the installed app - if that's a different version of the note,  copy and paste again to save it.  Reconnect to the internet and sync both devices - you should have both copy notes and a merged - and possibly shortened - original.  Cut and paste the content you need together and create a composite note to recover as much as you can.

I hope some of that helps..


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