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How do I Retrieve lost content. I accidentally synced but at computer when content was on Ipad, What do I do?

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Hi.  Right now is a bad time to have that happen,  because Note History is only available to Premium customers,  and that just got a little more expensive.  It also may not be effective in your case if the iPad notes had not been synced to the server - if the notes were held in 'temporary' memory until they were synced to the server,  but were then discarded because the computer notes were seen as more recent,  then Evernote will never had had the chance to include them with the history.  The notes existed only in temporary storage and I don't know whether there's any chance to recover them.

I'd strongly recommend raising a support request using 'Lost Data' as the  heading - support agents will be able to check whether there is anything more anyone can do.  Longer term I'd recommend frequent manual syncing if you're working on a mobile device.

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