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Greatly improve text formatting in iOS



A great app would be even greater if the text formatting functionality were significantly improved in iOS. My particular problem has to do with selecting text in web-clipped notes for highlighting, which is a key function when using evernote as a research tool. It's really awkward to select the text you want to highlight - you tap, you tap again, sometimes you get one popup function, sometimes another. After multiple taps you might be lucky to get the keyboard to come up. Then you have to spread the selection area to the specific amount of text you want to highlight - except that half the time the selection starts running wild up and down the page. ETc etc.

A really good model for easy iOS formatting can be found in the Kindle books app. You just hold down your thumb on the first word you want to highlight for the function to initiate. Then drag your finger smoothly down the text, and let go. Voila - perfect highlighting every time!

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