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Create a buffer to remember CTRL+Z after note update

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In windows 7 with evernote (302292) public, In some changes, pasting a picture or formatted HTML from web or any substantial change, EVEN IF IT IS BY ACCIDENT, the note blinks and there is no more CTRL+Z available, loosing possibilities of going back in any change you make.

If it weren't for the history access I would be screwed because, It had happen to me very often that I had a photo selected because I have been working with it, I want to make a Table but forget the picture is selected and when inserting the table the picture disappears, the note blinks and picture is gone forever because there is no CTRL+Z action available, I then go to note history and rescue last note version (lucky me I am premium), copy all content, paste it in screwed note, delete backup file.

So my IDEA IS:

Increase the buffer for after note update so I can go with CTRL+Z to the beginning and also keep the possibility to go back to the future also by keeping the actual note even if you went previously back, like in note history.

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