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PDFs 'clipped' as PrintDownload.action



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Note that this issue seems to impact both desktop platforms (Windows and macOS) as well as both Chrome and Safari.

With some sites where I want to clip the PDF to Evernote using the black box that pops up in the lower right, the PDF isn't clipped, just a "PrintDownload.action" attachment. I won't upload the attachment because they aren't empty and might have account or other sensitive info in them. See the image though of what these look like.

Off the top of my head, I know this happens with statements from Verizon Wireless and Capital One 360. Instead, I have to download the PDF, the copy it back into Evernote.

No doubt these companies are doing something besides just displaying the PDF in the browswer like many other sites do. It is much more common though with banks.

Any ideas to resolve?

keyword: EHUnresolved

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Understand your problem. However to fix it, we need to be able to reproduce it.

As we don't have access to Verizon Wireless or Capital One 360: Do you (or anybody in the forum) know of a public website that produces the same issue?

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7 hours ago, csihilling said:

Can you use the Import Folders functionality?

Doesn't exist on the Mac. :(

@rubenb - I'll track it next time I get one on a publically accessable site. But are you telling me no one in Evernote is a Verizon Wireless subscriber? :wacko:

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