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Has anyone incorporated "ScanSnap Receipt" into their Evernote workflow?

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How would you propose that anyone incorporate "ScanSnap Receipt" (SSR) into their Evernote workflow?  It seems to be separate spreadsheet-like software that recognises and records receipts when they are scanned.  If you have something in SSR,  you pretty much don't need to include it in Evernote;  but if you have something in Evernote it won't be recognised by SSR.  Why would you want to combine the two?

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Well, It seems that ScanSnap scanners and Evernote are two companies that are pretty much joined at the hip (An internet search will quickly confirm this).  And SSR is a relatively new program that has some very cool features for handling receipts.
In particular, A vast amount of folks store a hard copy of scans on their hard drives along with sending them to Evernote using their ScanSnap Manager settings.  Now we have another ScanSnap avenue that "specializes" in handling receipts.  I was wondering if anyone had found a way to incorporate this new software into their workflow.

Update:  Since asking this question, I've dived into the depths of ScanSnap Receipt pretty heavy and found for myself that there really is no net benefit of using it alongside of Evernote.  Mainly due to it's proprietary database and limited export naming abilities.

Thanks for your time,

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23 minutes ago, BobbyEvernote said:

Well, It seems that ScanSnap scanners and Evernote are two companies that are pretty much joined at the hip

From a quick look at the websites SSR is a Fujitsu initiative.  Fujitsu and Evernote do partner on a scanner,  but they don't share the software.  SSR is Fujitsu's baby and Evernote is... well,  Evernote.  As you say - different beasts.  SSR is a specialist app that would benefit anyone handling lots of receipts,  but if you used it,  the receipts would not be stored or searchable in Evernote.

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