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Ctrl-Backspace to delete a word, please



People like me who use keyboards a lot are accustomed to Ctrl-Backspace, 'Delete whole word'. It works in this forum's text editor, for example.


New Beta web editor doesn't have it - Ctrl is ignored and you just get a Backspace. Support keyboard users! : )



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Fascinating fact - if you're editing the note's Title (green text), Ctrl-Backspace works! It's only in the note body that it doesn't. So seems like an oversight.


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I get this too when using Chrome on Linux, Ctrl-Backspace does not work but Alt-Backspace does. However, on the same Linux machine, when using Firefox Ctrl-Backspace does work, and Alt-Backspace does not. This has been going on for months now, so it is across several versions of Chrome, the most recent of which is 51. The same goes for Ctrl-Delete to delete one word ahead of the cursor - it is swapped with Alt on Chrome+Linux, but works correctly for Firefox+Linux.

Bizarrely, on Chrome+Linux, Ctrl-Left/Right Arrow will skip words correctly.

That Alt-Backspace works makes me wonder whether somehow the Web Client thinks it is on a Mac system, and the client is expecting a Command- modifier which is why it works with Alt? Maybe Chrome and Safari are being conflated due to their WebKit origins? I would have expected that correct operation of these keyboard shortcuts should have required zero intervention on the part of the programmers, shouldn't this stuff be handled by the operating system?

Anyway, I hope I've helped, and that you can speedily fix this bug.

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This is now fixed and working! Editing text notes is no longer painful!

Thank you Evernote team. I also hope you get your communication sorted out, e.g. publishing release notes to let us know stuff like this.

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6 hours ago, chrahunt said:

Same here, Chrome Version 57.0.2986.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.

And you will continue to ... all change is off here. 

I doubt anyone from Evernote ever bothers to navigate to this forum now.

They won't say that this version has been cast adrift from the mother ship, but it has. We are on our own. :o

But somewhere deep within that ship, it seems a new web version is being built...and will pop out into space some time this year... hopefully with better supervision from Mum.

Patience! :)

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Still a problem on Ubuntu 16 and Chrome OS.

Also Chrome OS keyboard is lacking del button and use Alt+Backspace instead, so this should be taken into account if somebody going to implement Ctrl+Backspace(Del) whole word deleting in Evernote Web finally.

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