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I have been a PREMIUM user for years.  (I didn't know there was a PLUS level.)

When I logged in to Evernote Web yesterday, I was presented with a panel of three choices -- Basic, Plus, and Premium.  There seemed no way of getting rid of the panels without clicking one.  Not wanting to be charged extra, I clicked BASIC, and now I see that I am registered as BASIC.  Looking at my Payment history or Purchase History I see that I was charged for annual Premium membership in April, 2015.  My current, valid VISA card is on record.  Why was I not automatically renewed on the anniversary?  And in general, what is going on???


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Hi.  It sounds like you opted to create a new account instead of logging in to your existing one. Try logging into your 'old' premium account via a browser and Evernote.com to check that it is still there,  and if so,  log out of the basic account you are now using and back into the main account.

If you can still see all your notes in the Basic account then your account obviously did not renew as it should have - did you change card details recently?  If they were unable to collect the renewal amount Evernote would just have downgraded the account to 'free'.

If there's no simple explanation,  please raise a support ticket for a 'payment issue' and when you receive a ticket number,  come back and post it here;  we'll ask an Evernote Admin to look into it for you.

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