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Bug: Note "Delete" action

Brandon Arnold

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Hi all,

I just stumbled on a critical bug that I cannot reproduce. I am running the iPad version with an Evernote account (see footer for system details). The bug could result in unintended, permanent data loss if someone does not have a trash recovery option through Evernote.

Since I cannot reproduce the bug, I have to give a general rundown of the behavior from memory.

Initial conditions are a number of Penultimate Notebooks that are synced with Evernote Cloud (Pro).

  1. I opened a notebook that has over a handful of multi-page drawings, say 6 entries with 5-15 pages apiece.
  2. I accidentally created a new note (tapped the + to begin a new note).
  3. I backed out of the new note and returned to the screen above it, showing its siblings notes within the notebook in question. I'm not sure if I restarted the application while on the page design screen, or if I chose a page design and then backed out.
  4. I long-tapped the accidental note and chose the trash icon to delete it
  5. Instead of deleting the accidental note, it deleted one of the entries on the row beneath it.
  6. Unsure whether I was mistaken, I tried again.
  7. Again, it deleted one of the entries on the row beneath it.

I was able to recover the two deleted notes by logging into Evernote on a PC and tracking them down in the Trash. The question is whether iPad was registering my long taps on the row beneath it, or whether there is a bug in Penultimate. Bug report provided here as a warning to review your code just in case.

Thank you,

System details:

  1. Platform: iOS 9.3.2 (13F72)
  2. Hardware: iPad Pro 9.7"
  3. Penultimate version: 64-bit
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I have the same bug on my iPad Pro 12.9". Push and hold a note in the notes list and choose the delete icon, then the wrong note title is displayed. Without close examination you assume you're being asked to delete the note you selected however you're deleting a completely different note!

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