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Quick save with toast message



I use Evernote on Android to save link URLs (the URL text only, no need for Web clipping) from mobile to read later on a desktop. 

Right now, if I share a page from Chrome on Android,  I have to watch a spinning animation for a couple seconds and then click save on a pop up window. Every. Single. Time. It gets annoying quickly. 

How about a quick save option with a toast message? Tell me the URL text was saved, don't show a pop up, and let me move on immediately. Pocket has this feature and it works very well. 

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Hi.  I use Firefox with a 'read it later' link to triage new material.  90% of what I eventually read isn't interesting or relevant enough to want to save it longer term.  I'll review the RIL stuff when I have time and then save the useful ones to Evernote (with the whole 'spinning animation' thing).  Saves me having to tag and delete too many items I don't need after reading.  There's probably an IFTTT script to put some or all of that under a 'Do' button,  but I haven't been bothered enough to try.

If you prefer saving stuff to Evernote,  you could tap on the animation while it's in progress.  There are options there - to save a bookmark forinstance - which might be quicker and a little less spinny.

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