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Improvement for Email Note in Desktop Client for Windows

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Due to the fact that not every one has evernote, I need often to share notes through email to my team work, but the Windows desktop client lack a very useful functionality:

1) Why you don´t enable to use the outlook or google contact address to send email from Evernote Desktop Client for Windows, that is possible in the Android version. It is a very useful functionality, that many users regrets not having it.

2) It would be diserable to edit the note before to send it, today it isn't possible

MS One Note has these functionalities from a long time !!!.

I need the support from others users to convince the evernote development team to add these functionalities.



Email Sample.png

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Hi.  If you're sending to someone who doesn't have Evernote,  why not use Copy Note Link to send the URL via your own email client using whatever email address you prefer?  There are around 60 different desktop email clients for Windows/ Mac - it would be a considerable task for Evernote to offer integration with any reasonable number of them.

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