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Please enable automatic title generation.




since migrating to Mac,one of the truly annoying 'new' things in Evernote for Mac is its innability to automatically 'name' notes the way it does on Windows.

I'm looking forward to every new update, expecting this to be fixed, but it's still not. Can you please make it happen? I'm sure not only I would truly be grateful. 



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I agree the Auto Title Note Location Feature was a boon
Not having that feature with the recent 'upgrade' means EN is not as useful to me and the manual titling is a drag on using EN

This IMO was a bad move EN please think again and return that feature.

I am not using EN as much it is not a useful on the fly anymore.


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I agree, honestly I really can't believe this has been going on so long 

who wants to see Untitled note for ever note, it's ridiculous 

and why now on the cell version is seems only possible to have auto title if you connect it to calendar or GPS.. i want an option that simply allows auto title from the note not being interrupted with a calendar event or always where it was taken!!!!!! and if I turn off calendar or gps then it's again the frustrating Untitled note problem again 

what on earth is going on?!?! 

can anyone please explain why there isn't just a normal auto title option????!? 

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34 minutes ago, cconners said:

a normal auto title option

Since you're posting here, can you please explain the rules for an automatic title.  When creating a note, what do you expect to see in the title.

My expectation is to start with a blank title and note

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when I use auto title in the past, it just allowed me to write the note and then the title would be auto created from the first sentance of the note, sok i don't need to write a separate note title, I can just start writing notes as I've always don't not having to create a title, so, autotitling... but I don't want the calendar or location to interrupt this with Note from dentist or Note from Milan, i just want it to always create an introduction of the note as the title..... 

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10 minutes ago, cconners said:

the title would be auto created from the first sentence of the note, so i don't need to write a separate note title, 

Thanks for clarifying

We have this auto-title option in IOS

I tuned it off; I found it disturbing to see the title repeated

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1 hour ago, AndreT said:

Im sick of explaining my UX /user centric insights for note formatting rules

If anyone's interested, this was AndreT's other post on Automatic Title Generation
Also eloquence challenged, but provides specific details and examples.


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