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Tags keep disappearing on random Notes of mine

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I'm trying to go paperless by scanning my business cards, documents, and receipts into Evernote (or transferring the already made PDFs into Evernote). Tagging seems like a great way to find these items without having to create an overly complex Notebook structure. However, I've noted lately that a lot of my tags are getting deleted on their own, forcing me to go over and re-add tags throughout my account ....over-and-over.

Why is this happening? Does this have to do with how my account is set up to synchronize with Evernote? What option do I need to change so that tags don't get automatically deleted? I only want them deleted if done so manually. I did install Evernote into two other devices recently - an Android device and a second Windows computer. I always synchronize my files on my main computer before closing Evernote, but maybe the tags were deleted because after signing into the Android device or a second Windows computer, it didn't finish synchronizing, causing a problem?!?!

I really want to trust Evernote's system, but I don't want to get down the rabbit hole too much if can't trust the back bone of how my files are organized to just go away on a whim! All help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: The tags themselves still show up in my Tags section- it's just some of the notes have lost their respective tags. So all the business cards I have scanned, for example, are still in a notebook; However, random notes are missing the respective contact name and/or business name that corresponds with the business card note. *sigh*

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Hi.  I have lots of notes and tags,  and have never noticed that any notes have lost tags,  but it's not impossible that it has happened and I was simply unaware of it.  Being - and this is one of my good points - stunningly lazy,  I always opt for the least-effort route when adding or editing information,  so my notes have all the 'tags' in the title and my routine searches are mainly "intitle:<keyword>".  Not suggesting you should change your approach,  just explaining why tags aren't vital for me. 

It is something you might consider for a little while so you can be sure that if the title shows <tag1><tag2><tag3><tag4> as keywords,  and only <tag1><tag2> & <tag4> are actually present,  you know that a tag has genuinely gone missing.

It's obviously not intended that Evernote should 'forget' any detail of your note,  and if it is happening it is a serious bug.  I'd strongly recommend that anyone suffering this problem submits a support request so that the team can gather evidence about its frequency and cause.  When you do note the issue,  please also grab your activity log which details what the app has been up to.

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10 hours ago, spike.hodge said:

I am also having the same problem. I am using Chrome on Linux Mint with the web interface

Hi.  I'm also now a Linux Mint user.  (Some of the time.)  Haven't noticed anything similar yet,  but it's early days.  This is a Windows thread and your query should really be in the Web forums

As a subscriber I'd suggest you contact support to get them to look at this - please post again in the web forums if you still have issues,  or you learn anything useful!

Good luck...

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