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Web Clipper Feature Request: Identify clipped pages


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Thanks for the web clipper. It's my favorite feature.

It would be really helpful if the clipper could create a toast or other notification on pages that have already been clipped.

I don't think it would need to identify the type of clip. Just having a link that would take you to the note would be very useful.

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Hi.  I'd imagine it would be very difficult to do this without a significant delay in the speed of the process - Clipper would have to search your local database or the server database to see whether the URL had been clipped before,  and that wouldn't necessarily rule out changes having been made to that page since it was last clipped,  or content copied and pasted by hand.  And then it has to show the note,  and you have to  make a visual comparison...

If this is about avoiding duplicate clips,  isn't it easier (and much, much quicker) just to go ahead and clip,  and if a duplicate comes up in searches,  just delete it?

If Evernote consider this,  or have some magic way to speed up the process,  I'd still hope they make it optional;  I'll stick with deleting where necessary...

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