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(Archived) Why do I have to login every week?

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I can appreciate that you are trying to protect us from ourselves, but if I am an intelligent human being, couldn't you present me with a 5,000 legal agreement that I can click through that says if my account is compromised, it's my own fault? It's rather tiresome to have to login on the web interface every week and the web clipper? Really? The whole point of a single click webclipper is so it's quick. If I then have to re-enter my username and password, it is no longer quick.

Could you please help those that can actually help themselves?

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You could consider installing our desktop software for Mac or Windows and then use the native clipping tools there on Safari (Mac), IE (Windows), or Firefox (either). These just make notes directly in your local desktop application and don't prompt for a login.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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