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Scannable crashing

Claire W

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I have been using Scannable on my iPad, and today noticed that many of the files had not been saved to Evernote. I went into the Scannable app to see what was happening but every time i clicked on an image it would crash. I restarted my iPad but it didn't help. After looking on the forums I followed the advice to reinstall, but my old images have now disappeared from Scannable and are not in Evernote either. There is nothing in the restore option. Is there anyway of getting my previously scanned images and how can i stop Scannable crashing? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I seem to have found a possible culprit that caused this same problem with my Scannable app (iPhone 6S on iOS 11.2):

I had scanned a load of travel expense receipts but waited to send them until I got home. That's when the above described problem started to happen. What I noticed was that I had also scanned my passport photo page. That had originally tried to register as a business card scan, but I converted it back to a normal scan. When I deleted that one scan, the rest would easily send by e-mail. Somehow the scan (size? format?) caused the tray to trigger the app to crash.

That said, and the scans safely saved in my accounting system, I am ditching Scannable now. I don't use Evernote anymore, having switched to OneNote, which is supported and developed. Microsoft's OfficeLens is a lot more stable than Scannable, which has not been updated for a year!

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