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Issues with first model of jot script pen

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I have had two of the original models of the Jot Script pen from Adonit. The second one and the topic of this discussion was sent because the original failed within the warranty period. Even thought I had the second pen for quite some time it probably had less than  30 hours of use. It failed and I worked with the customer service at Adonit to see if it was me, the pen or the software that was the problem.  The pens warranty had, of course, just expired and there was no solution so I decided to do an autopsy on it. It didn't take long to figure out what happened. It makes me wonder if companies analyze their failures or just supply another product and toss the offender. After unscrewing the nose of the pen (which for the most part electronically,  I find a technological wonder), I found the wires that attach the floating tip of the pen to the circuit board broke (a mechanical failure). There were two wires going to two different places on the tip, and both were broke. This explains the intermittent nature of the failure.  The failed wires  were tiny single strand solid copper (most likely) wires. Copper work hardens when you bend it and I believe that the continuous motion of the tip moving back and forth eventually caused these wires to break (with not much usage). I do not think this was a good design and am curious if  it was changed in the new model. I , of course, could have been the recipient of  two bad apples but a 80.00 product should not fail with this little of use. Reading some of the complaints makes me believe that this may be the issue that many of these failed pens have had. 

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