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I Installed Malware!

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Hi. If you can connect to the internet,  go to an online malware scanner for your OS - these are a few reputable Windows sites





If you can't connect to the internet on the infected computer,  use another machine to visit these sites -



- to download a 'rescue' CD which you can use to boot up your device and (hopefully) fix it.


Worst case,  if you have a backup of your previously healthy set-up,  you could restore the earlier version over the top of the current one.  You do need some technical assistance though which we're not really in a position to give.  Find a friend or a local store that knows more about this sort of thing and get some help!



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I have been using Malwarebytes for over two years and feel it is the very best of all of the Malware programs. I do not work for this company, just did a lot of checking and for the premium version at $49.99 per year and running on 3 PC it is the best value. Lots of information online to help you make the best decision for your needs.
David in Wichita

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