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Punctuation marks preceding a tag not recognised?

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I love this program. This is my first time here because I would really love a solution.

So. My tags are sorted by punctuation marks (such as by a full stop or semi-colon). When I attempt to add an existing tag to a note (such as ";Camp Activities"), all of my notes with a semi-colon preceding them are suggested when I first type in the semi-colon - so far so good. BUT when I select one of them (such as ";Camp Activities"), it removes the semi-colon and creates a NEW tag called "Camp Activities" which it attaches the note to. This completely messes up the system I have been using for years.

It happens with all preceding punctuation marks I use with tags. This never used to happen in earlier versions of Evernote (started happening roughly a month ago). Your help would be wonderful, as it's a real pain!

(I find visuals much easier to understand, so I've attached two images which show this problem occurring - in case it helps!)

Thank you,



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