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Attachment is displaying in all my notes

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This morning, I dragged an image from a web page into a note. Instead of getting that image, I got the web page it was linked to. The problem I have now is that the web page that is displayed in that note now appears IN PLACE OF any note I select or any new note I attempt to create, rendering Evernote unusable at this time. If I open any note in a new window, the original content is there, but when viewed in the standard layout, that same web page is displayed. How can I get rid of this?

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Hello @Paul J,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. In order for us to better assist you, please provide the operating system you are using in which this is happening and the version number of the Evernote application.


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I had a similar problem; Evernote employee emerick's advice was as csihilling suggests. But note that you need to use File->Exit or Ctrl+Shift+Q to exit; you can't do it by clicking on the X Close button in the top right of the window, since this apparently does not completely close down EN, but only closes or hides the main interface window.

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