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Part of my note deleted ;( switch to Google Docs

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I use Evernote for a long time.

Today as usually I write review of my online course, after notes updates (may be as regular synchronization process) a significant part of my last hour work was deleted!!!

I try to Ctrl-Z - no results.

In activity tab I see only Sync conflict message and can not do anything with it ;(((

It is is very important course for me, I wasted about hour of my work, I must to review video and make notes again.

No way to fix them as I understand by searching forum.

I switch to Google Docs, not so comfortable, but may be more reliable.

Bye, bye.


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Hi.  You may never read this, but just for the record..  This sort of situation usually results from having two Evernote clients open and logged into your account at the same time. 

Both will sync routinely at intervals,  and if you work on machine 2 for a while but don't remember to sync your work manually,  a random routine sync from machine 2 may copy its blank (or much shorter) note over the top of your work.  Evernote has no way to know whether this new blank note is the result of you deleting text in a normal edit,  or an incorrect copy of the old note.

The fix is simply to manually sync your device before you start,  frequently during,  and again at the end of your edit.  If you then decide to work on another device,  close the first one down or disconnect it from the network if you can.  Or you could use Evernote Web,  when you're always editing the 'master' server copy,  or use any word processor and copy/ paste the finished text into your note.

Google won't suffer from the same problem,  because you probably won't have the same document open on two different devices at the same time,  and whenever you edit,  you always edit the server copy.

It's frustrating,  and annoying,  and if you can suggest any ways around the issue I'm sure Evernote will be grateful.  But Evernote works the way it does because of the sync process,  and any fix might just make it much less easy to use.

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