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I really don't understand how to use Mohiomap


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This will sound silly for many of you. I've been using Evernote for my work as an investigative reporter. It's a beautiful tool. I'd thought I'd go another step and bought Mohiomap premium 'to expand my experience'. Well, I've been looking for some weeks now at these 'beautiful visual displays' and....I don't get it. I simply don't get it. I've been looking at YouTube video's, I've been browsing forums, trying to get a grip on how this tool should help me, but all I read is how 'beautiful' it LOOKS and how easy it is to move tags etc. etc.and how it helps in preparing for meetings (???). Nowhere, so far. I've been able to find one simple post by a researcher or a journalist explaining in PLAIN language how mindmapping can help me unlock my database in ways I'd never thought possible. This may sound incredibly stupid for people who soar through their professional lives on top of a surf created by mindmapping, but here I am looking at a lot of vibrating circles and lines. I move something. It moves. I try a searchterm, it changes. So what? To my mind it's just a PICTURE of my database in several stages and sizes. Sure, i  can look up something and see what a searchterm gives me, but i can do that in in EV just as easy. I've been reading critrical blogs also, about mindmapping being a just a lot of childish new age fuzz, but even those critical postst don't adequately EXPLAIN what mindmapping is and how Mohiomap can help unlock EV in ways I have not grasped before. Anyone willing to wake me up?   

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