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In Evernote for Mac PDFs are shown entirely - all pages one by one. When i use search i get to the exact page with search query. But in windows version i see only first page with buttons for switching. When searching, the words are still highlighted but i have to click buttons to get to the necessary page. It's really annoying.

Is it possible to show PDF completely or at least make search working as described?

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It's not currently possible to show a PDF in Windows in the same way without work-arounds. It's theoretically possible to save a document as single pages in PDF or JPG,  and those multiple files could be contained in a note;  but there are serious problems in getting all the pages in the right order if you're processing more than a few.

Search is a different issue - open the file outside of Evernote in your PDF reader of choice and you can search for keywords and see all pages as thumbnails at least.

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