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I am an EN Plus customer from India. I would like to know which data center is used to store my data. Is it China? I see yinxiang as one of the supported links in android app permissions. This makes me a little uncomfortable. If it is indeed China, then is there a way I can change this?




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Back in 2013, I worked with Evernote Support for 3 weeks on this Yinxiang issue. I live in the USA, don't speak or write Chinese.

I also discussed the issue on this forum.

Scroll down to 10/25/2013 post from Johnny Song (Evernote Technical Support Manager in China). His suggestion might help.

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@jbenson2 Thanks for your reply. Actually I have no issues with the EN website. When I open it, I see the usual English website as expected. My query was triggered when I saw that on my android phone, I saw "yinxiang.com and related URLs" under Supported Links. This made me wonder whether my EN data is going to Chinese servers.

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Thanks @briancaldwell, I can log onto evernote.com/login.action and use my account. That's where I log in when I don't have access to the app(s). However, when I try to open app.yinxiang.com/login.action, I get this error message: "Your connection is not private." I tried accessing in both FF and Chrome. Here are the screenshots:



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