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(Archived) Evernote hangs on launch



Whenever I open Evernote it spikes my cpu (95-100%) for several minutes. If I try to do anything in the program during this time I'll get the beachball and activity monitor will show Evernote as "unresponsive". After a while Evernote returns to normal 1-2% cpu usage.

This is a major annoyance since my computer is almost useless during this time.

I've sampled the process during this but can't seem to attach the sample's to this post. (I get the error "The extension txt is not allowed.")

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Can you try:

Quit Evernote from the elephant in the menu bar,

then download the preview version 1.8:


You can replace your existing version in Applications, then reboot your Mac.

If you still see this problem after doing that, then you can open a support inquiry at the bottom of:


When you get the support reply, you can attach the sample to your email reply.


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