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Note not populating

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I tried to clip a blog post to my Evernote account using the web clipper Chrome extension, and the note showed up with a title in my Evernote Web interface, but the note was empty. The odd thing was that I could see the note just fine on my Android app. I delted it and reclipped it a couple of times, but I kept having the same issue over and over. Once the note actually appeared for a few seconds just fine, but then it vanished.

I finally had to save the note using my Android app, and it appears in the Evernote web application now fine. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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I've been having the same issue with web clipper in Chrome for the past few weeks, at least. I appreciate the tip to try it through the Android app...I discovered that the note was displaying fully in the app and all I needed to do was make a small edit there and re-save, and then the note content would show up on the web. Still, irritating, especially seeing as I've been using the web clipper for years without this problem. 

I've also been noticing some weird formatting issues within the same timeframe (for example, if I delete a space between paragraphs, instead of moving up a row, the text jumps up and completely overlaps with the previous paragraph) but not sure if that's related in any way.

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