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I prefer to take my notes with the S pen on my Galaxy tablet. I create a note and choose the handwriting icon and I'm able to do so.  When I close the note and later go back in, it reverts to text writing and won't let me use the pen. Occasionally, but unpredictably, there is a handwriting icon when I go back and I've been able to click it and go forward, but not usually. A couple of times, I've tried double clicking (tapping) with the pen to see if that will reactivate handwriting and had all of the content deleted. Very frustrating.

How can I change this? What am I doing wrong?

A bigger question is why can I not combine text AND handwriting so I can add sketches to notes? This seems like such a simple thing, but, simple our not, it seems like the kind of thing EN users would want. I can't be alone in that.

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