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How to get a freshly installed Evernote to start in offline mode?

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I installed Evernote on my computer at work and it can't connect. I followed the instructions in other posts about IE and still no go. My company also blocks evernote.com web site. Evernote is not starting unless it can connect first to  Evernote's server over the net. Not happening unless there's a workaround.

My Evernote at home works fine. How do I get my notes collection from my home computer and use Evernote at work in offline mode and make it use those notes? I don't care about syncing at this point.


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I'm not an expert on this, but I can understand why Evernote wants an Internet connection, since it's based on the idea of syncing everything to its central servers. Any chance you can persuade someone at work to unblock evernote.com?

Failing that, your best bet might be a pretty tedious one. At your home computer, export your notes to files on a flash drive; see this article for instructions to export individual notes or an entire notebook. The same article also tells how to import them on your work computer. At the end of the work day, you'd then have to export from the work computer to the flash drive, and come home and import on the home computer. If you only need to work on one notebook on any given day, it shouldn't be too bad; if you've got to work on four or five, it could get aggravating. Essentially, your flash drive becomes the "server" syncing Evernote on the two computers.

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Or maybe some donuts for the IT guys to let you have access to evernote.com?  :)

Or, seriously this time, if you have a tablet or smart phone, put EN on that device and use the offline notebook feature.

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@abdu Evernote requires an Internet connection to enable note syncing. You could connect your work machine when at home, then work offline at work, then sync again when you get home. EN on your mobile device is also a good suggestion. Or try donuts with the IT people. That does work sometimes.

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