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New Evernote for Windows 6.1 GA Release

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39 minutes ago, emerick said:

OK, now I understand. In version 5, newly-created notes had a visual effect that made them look like a short piece of paper that grows as you type into it. We removed that effect in version 6, but our editor still behaves as though that short area defines the active boundaries of the note. So when you click below what it thinks is "the note", it doesn't enable those menu items. We have a ticket open for this issue but no ETA on it yet. I'll let the PM in charge of that component know that it's causing confusion.

Ah, yes, I remember that! That makes sense. I found the border where this occurs at about 3 notes down, using the snippet view for measuring. This will help me avoid facepalming as I keep doing it in the future ;) 

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