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Embedded Highlights in PDFs



I do not understand why the Evernote engineers cannot make embedded PDF highlighting a standard feature. The highlighting that Evernote currently has does not embed with a pdf. If you download the PDF and open it up in Acrobat or PDF Expert the Evernote highlights will not be there. Notability, PDF expert will give Evernote some serious competition if they expand their services to be more like Evernote simply because of Evernote's stubborn refusal to implement this important feature.

I would like to know why this is not being implemented. Does Evernote have a lack of engineers lacking the capability or technical skill to implement this feature? Is it too cost prohibitive? What is going on? This is the main reason why I have not fully switched the Evernote platform. I simply use it to collect random bits of notes and info kind of like a scrapbook, but will never be a serious note taking app until embedded highlighting is implemented. 

The lack of Evernote's response to customer feature requests is basically inviting a more responsive competitor to come in and steal customers away. I am simply so frustrated by Evernote's tone deafness with feature requests that the majority of customers demand implemented. 

I fear for the future of Evernote as the marquee digital note taking and organization app. 

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I'm not sure I really understand what you mean by "embedded PDF highlighting". On windows or ipad, If I highlight something in a pdf from within Evernote (Premium feature) this is perfectly readable if I download the pdf and read it in Adobe Reader. If you choose to include the summary this appears on the first page(s) of the pdf.

If you download the pdf and do the highlighting in Adobe reader this is not saved in Evernote unless you manually re-upload the document

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