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Evernote Web PDF annotation

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Hello, Thank you for reading this post.  I'm traveling with my chromebook and using Evernote web (basic subscription/plan)  I've uploaded a PDF to a note and want to annotate the PDF in evernote web.  I'm not able to figure out how to do that.  How do I do that?  Thank you.

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I have the same problem. 

Since they only allow the skitch style mark up, evernote has become unusable for annotation of pdf... It's proprietary and causes some sort of lock in only people with evernote can work on a pdf. 

Same on windows or android. 

The should have a real standard way of pdf editing soon or they will loose a lot of customers...

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Kami also uses proprietary annotation formats that can only be read by another kami user.... (at least that was the case until a few months ago) 

The only way to show annotations to e.g. an acrobat user was to flatten te file but then the annotations can no longer be worked upon.

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