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Request: Improved "Return to Where I Left Off" Functionality

A Shrink


First off, I love this app and I've had it for a long time.  Ever since I purchased the first iPad my hope was to move my daily journaling and writing practices to the iPad.  Now this is finally happening with the iPad Pro and PenUltimate.  However, I do find that PenUltimate is not the greatest at returning me where I last left off.  I created a journal Notebook and within that I have one "note" that will serve as my journal for the rest of this calendar year.  I'm currently on page 19 of this note and when I go to open it in the morning it doesn't typically take me to where I left off (the last page).  Instead, I have to scroll to get there and then start again.  What's more is that if I am using the app, briefly switch to another and then return to PenUltimate, it doesn't put me back at where I left off.  Instead, it'll put me a few pages before that and I have to scroll again.  Given how much I use the app, this happens quite a few times in a day.  A fix for this would be quite lovely. 

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