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Feature Request - Create hyperlinks



If I'm sharing a notebook through the app with coworkers I would like to be able to post a relevant link in notes via the app. If I have to switch to the Windows app or a chat for something like this that should truthfully just be included in the formatting bar after bold/underline/italics as per intuitive design then I'd ought to be looking for a different app. 

These forums seem to understand the concept, with a hyperlink button above, so why wouldn't this already be a feature in the app? 

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Hi.  Where are you hyperlinking from? (or maybe that should be 'to'...)  On my Android,  I create new notes from 'shared' browser and app items into Evernote,  which automatically include the URL as part of the note. (Tap the " i " icon to see the details).  Or if you're copying whiteboards or monitor screens,  the URL should be visible in a picture.  Not a link,  I know - but anyone wanting to follow the same path could physically copy it,  and even with a 'link' button it would mean you typing in the URL for your sharee's convenience.

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