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(Archived) Extension not work in Thunderbird 3 Mac



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Don't know if it is the same on the Mac, but in Windows once you've loaded the add-on you have to go to the View > Tools > Customise option and drag the elephant icon to the toolbar. It doesn't appear there automatically.

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Same here. :(

While it installs without complaint, this add-on (vers. doesn't seem to have any effect on Thunderbird 3.0.4. I was expecting an Evernote clip icon in the tool bar. I installed, re-installed, rebooted, waved-a-dead-chicken but still nothing.

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TheGurkha, icon is not displayed in View > Tools > Customise.

I like Evernote, but now I do not recommend it to those who use Mac OS X :(

Thanks, only mac-user-guy and you have responded to this post.

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