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Possible Bug: Drag and drop pictures always move the note to top after insertion

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Weird issue that is kind of annoying. I try to insert pictures in notes for myself and for others to show procedures and often the notes get a couple pages long maybe.

This is just minor imo. However, the trouble I am having and is that when I drag and drop pictures: they insert themselves into the document but then the document auto scrolls to the top no matter how long the document is. I can't even see the pic I just inserted often until I scroll back down.

Is this intended behavior or a bug? I figured it had something to do with the note switching from editing to viewing mode (which is more clear on other platforms, but that's just a guess). I would say that the best user experience is to remain in view of recently pasted items, but just a minor issue.

Thanks for your time and your great product!

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I have a similar issue and find it quite frustrating. Anytime I insert/paste/drop a picture into a note, it automatically scrolls to the top of the note. This results in a waste of several valuable seconds each and every time I update a note. Can this be resolved? Seems like it's been an on/off again bug for the past 6 weeks (mostly on). It's driving me crazy.


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