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Opening note into new desktop

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to open a note onto a new desktop on Mac automatically, please? When I use Evernote, it tends to be for note-taking from journal articles or from a web browser. Sometimes I'm dual-screening, but not always, which means I usually have the web browser/pdf file open on one half of the screen and an Evernote note on the other half of the screen.

However, when I double-click on a note in the Evernote platform itself, it always opens it as a window in front of the Evernote platform, which is greyed out behind it. This means that to get the note onto a desktop where I can open the web browser/pdf file at the same time, I have to maximize the note to get it onto its own desktop, then minimize it so I can move windows around as I want.

Does anyone know if it's possible to bypass that first step, please? It seems petty, but it really frustrates me that when I double-click on a note, it just opens it in the same desktop as the Evernote platform; that seems to defeat the whole purpose of double-clicking on it!

Or am I just being incredibly lazy?

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