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(Archived) Note info in non-list views



It would be nice to be able to see a little more info on the non-list views. In particular, the mixed view ought to have the option at least of showing which notebook a note is in. A frequent means of reorganisation for me is to search on tags and/or keywords, and then to distribute the notes in the results list. Currently I need to switch to list view (which I don't like because of the different 3-pane layout) to do this.

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I use mixed view for most work. I have two issues with it.

1.) I do not need or want thumbnails in mixed view. They do nothing except use up valuable real estate. In addition to being useless, they are annoying as they squirm while they update and change shape while I type in a note in the right panel. I have zero use for the thumbnails. I am not running a picture album; I am making notes and they all look pretty much the same, so lose the thumbnails in mixed view, or PLEASE allow me to do so somehow!

2.) The pane width between the list and the note will not stay sized. It periodically returns to the default, which gives far too much real estate to the list and too little to the notes. Otherwise I am mostly happy with 3.5. Hopefully it will gather features like highlighting and better editing reliabilty and predicability as it develops.

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