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Sharing Stacked Notebooks

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Hey @JPK123,

You can share individual notes or individual notebooks, but can't share a notebook stack. You can read more about sharing notebooks here. If you'd like to suggest sharing stacks as a feature request to our development team (where other users on the forum can vote for the idea), you can do so from the Windows Product Feedback forum or the Mac Product Feedback forum, depending on which platform you utilize.

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I just started using Evernote & had fallen in love!!! And, then..... I discovered that I can't share stacks? Whaaat?  I thought I found my Forever Personal Assistant / Life  Manager - a relationship to stand the tests of time. But, if I can't share stacks - Evernote - you & I are no longer Solid.  If you don't change this, I've got my arm around you, but one eye on the door, looking out daily for someone I can share stacks with.  A person has to have boundaries & standards. In every other way, Evernote, you are so Golden.  But, you gotta let me share stacks. You just gotta.

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No-one is quoting any use cases here,  but up to a certain level sharing one or more notebooks should take care of any personal applications,  and if there's a need to share much more information there are at least two choices -

  1. Buy the Business package which has built-in 'libraries' for shared information,  or
  2. Publish the URL of an 'index page' note which is a ToC with links to  network of pages that are shared publicly


  1. has the advantage of security for both the overall content and on individual access
  2. is a public share of all information - anyone who has one URL will be able to see all of it.

- The illustration is a 'typical' company thing and you would NOT use option 2 for accounts or HR information,  but calendars of events,  links to other sites etc etc are all possible inclusions...



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Here is an example: I'm building a course with a colleague.  There are many elements that we have to manage: discussions, syllabus components, project examples, interesting but maybe secondary stuff and more.  We an use tags but they get very cumbersome very fast as a navigation tool, which is what happened during a previous project we worked on. What we're going to have to do is share all the notebooks and each create the stacks independently.  Why not just share a stack?  It's just another "folder" like notebooks are.


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Before my more technical colleagues have a conniption fit,  I should point out that a 'Stack' isn't a notebook or a folder.  Think of it more like a tag applied to a whole notebook.  I don't know what security,  database and coding issues would be involved with sharing groups of notebooks,  but I think if it was that easy,  it would have been done by now.  As Amanda suggested in this thread - why not start a feature request to get some votes behind you?  Evernote may be able to come up with a way to make sharing more than one notebook to the same person(s) easier,  even if they can't share stacks as such.

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