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Editing my grocery list on the go

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I have a grocery list note that I created on my Mac desktop app, and it's supposed to look nice and tidy like this all the way down the line:


However, when I try to edit it in my Android app so that I can add something while I'm on the go before I forget (you know, basically the entire point of keeping a grocery list in an app like Evernote?) it then becomes this mess:


I have tried creating the same note in the Android app, then syncing, then editing, and the same thing still happens.

I have tried using my Mac desktop app to create a table where the left column is the aisle headings and the right is populated with checkboxes - then the Android app doesn't recognize the boxes.

I have tried using the Android app to create such a table but I can't put checkboxes in a table in the Android app.

I do not have the same formatting troubles if I'm using Evernote Web (like working on my grocery list from my work computer), but I can't access Evernote Web using my phone.

HEEELP.  I'm tired of not being able to add stuff to my grocery list as I remember them.  Right now I HAVE to be at a computer to update my list and that's just not cool!  What have others done that works?



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Hello @callmedeeray,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums.

I completely hear you on the woes of grocery shopping and running into formatting issues when viewing and editing your checklists. In order to better assist you with this, please provide the following information:

  • Version number for Evernote on your Mac
  • Version number for Evernote on your Android phone

Hopefully we can get this figured out and get you back to happy shopping!

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Rather that develop a grocery list program in Evernote, I found several grocery apps that are much easier and more powerful.

My favorite free app is www.ourgroceries.com/features

My wife and I can update the shopping list on each of our phones. We have the items pegged to the grocery aisles so our walk through our favorite grocery store is efficient and quick.

Here is a screen grab of a shopping list example: The numbers in the green bars are the aisle numbers. As we shop, clicking on an item will move it off the list.


Grocery List.png

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